Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Google's Moving Ball Doodle...better open Chrome.

So, today Google hosted a doodle that was made up of several balls that moved when you hovered over them.  Nice.  Pointless?  Maybe not.

For me, it allowed me to quickly test how the world would see Google, today.  Many people would be like "What are you talking about, I didn't see that?"  Those people would be using Opera as their browser.  For some reason, when I loaded Google in Opera, today.  There were no wonderful moving balls.

On the other hand, Internet Explorer showed the balls moving in all their glory...Oh wait...No, they didn't.  See, in Internet Explorer the balls that made up the logo moved, but stayed the same size.  Only when browsing in Chrome (Google's own browser) or Firefox did the balls not only move, but grow in size almost appearing to come towards the viewer.

Sadly, this means that many people will not witness the full wonder of today's doodle.


Teresa said...

Very nice! Thanks for the tip!!

Jared Le Blanc - Founder said...

No Problem. This is Google's way of showing off their HTML5 skills.